CSpire Fiber

Adjacent to a broadcast video production, the client wanted stills to match for use on social, web, digital, and billboards. I worked with the producer and First AD to secure a block of time at the beginning of the day while the video crew was finishing their build. 30 minutes to shoot 20 detailed looks. I chose to light the set myself since the stills needed more shape and a different contrast ratio than the video, Plus, the art director wanted a clean background to simplify clipping in post. Once talent was in place, we hit our paces and knocked out the shot list with 2 minutes to spare. By the end, I was sweating from the action, but Kirk was cool. And then we turned the set over to video which rolled for the whole day without having to be stalled for stills.

Agency: Big Communications. Creative Director: Jake Odom. Producer: Kristin Dober. Talent: Kirk Herbstreit.